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12 Taboos Of Chinese Chopsticks

12 Taboos Of Chinese Chopsticks
Chopsticks, also known as “zan”, it is a unique diet tools handed down from the ancient generations. In daily life, Chinese people are very particularly in using chopsticks. Because as a ceremonious country, we can see Chinese rich culture through the use of chopsticks.

1, Cannot be different

Before dinner or meal we cannot place chopsticks uneven on the table because the elderly say that represents “something bad will happen”. So it is quite unlucky. The elderly think that it is just like the coffin.

2, Immortal guiding

If you just use your thumb and middle finger, ring finger, little finger to hold the chopsticks, and the index finger is extended. Then you can be blamed because this is an impolite behavior in the eyes of Beijing people. The index finger extended in the meal, youre your finger is constantly refers to others. In Beijing people generally blame others by extend their fingers to others. So we should be careful about this and be polite when we use the chopsticks.

3, Eat loudly

Children like to play chopsticks when eating something, and often will put chopsticks in their mouth, they will like to go back to sucking the chopsticks, hissing sound issued from time to time. In fact, this is a rude behavior and is thought as lack of family education.

4, Knock the bowl

Similarly, it is impolite when you eating something and use the chopsticks to knock the bowl. Because in the past only the beggars use the chopsticks to knock the bowl when they beg for food, accompanied by the sounds of their mouth supplicate. So do not do that when you use them.

5, This practice is holding chopsticks, and look around back and forth on the table with chopsticks to find the dish. Such behavior is a typical behavior of lacking of training performance and is arrogant extremely offensive.

6, This refers to hand the chopsticks in hand and use them to dig the dish, in order to search for prey. This behavior is just like dig the tomb.

7, In fact, this is when you use your chopsticks to take food from the plate, the hands are not neat and left the soup on other or on the table. This approach is considered a serious faux pas.

8, This means reversely use chopsticks when eating, this approach is being looked down upon, is the so-called as beggars. So that is absolutely unacceptable.

9, Chopsticks are inserted into the plate, it is considered to be a shame. To do that in the table is no different from people in Europe point their middle finger to others in public. It is really very rude.

10, Sometimes we will help others when we are in the table, in order to facilitate the easy way, we often insert a pair of chopsticks in the rice. That is considered disrespectful, because this behavior is considered to pay respects to the dead.

11, If you cross the chopsticks on the table, it means that you say no to somebody. It is a negative behavior, just as students do wrong job, the teacher give him a big fork. So this is not acceptable.

Next time when you use the chopsticks, be careful and mind your behavior or you will be thought as rude.

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