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Americans Taste Exotic Asian Food

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50 thoughts on “Americans Taste Exotic Asian Food”

  1. I dont get why people think the octopus dish is so cruel. Before a cow gets
    turned into a hamburger, it was alive. DUN DUN DUNN!!! They usually hang
    the cattle on a chain and let it bleed to death so that the meat is more
    tender. In my opinion, this isnt much better. Also, americans eat bull
    testicles. I would rather eat a chicken embryo or raw octopus rather than
    bull testicles. 

  2. To be honest, I hate chicken feet myself. My mother likes it though. And
    the trick to eating durian, darling, is not to go take a deep whiff of it

  3. Sannakji actually tastes pretty good. I’m not going to lie. Even though my
    origins may not come from any Asian country, I love their food. Let’s go

  4. Stereotypical stupid Americans who are not enthusiast into eating exotic
    Asian food. I mean what is gross about chicken feet?? I don’t fucking get
    it. No wonder why so many Americans are so fat, it’s because they eat foods
    that contains lots of fatty stuff. Americans make me sick. 

  5. I adore Asian culture, I speak 3 of their languages and I love some of
    their food, so please don’t take this the wrong way as these are my
    personal views only. I found the Octopus especially barbaric. I can’t
    imagine the pain that Octopus must have been in, to be cut into tiny bits
    alive… I’m sorry, but that I do find extremely unethical, and wrong in so
    many ways to eat something whilst it’s still alive…
    I can accept the chicken feet, because to be honest – we westerners eat
    chickens anyways, but the chicken embryo? No. Absolutely not.

  6. Its funny how the foreign people on here (Foreign from the US) are
    complaining about how American’s express their distaste for some of their
    exotic foods, like they don’t do the same thing when they taste our food
    here in America. Every country has food that other countries find to be
    weird or gross. Y’all insult us, call us fat and talk about our food but we
    can’t do it to your food? And it’s not even like we asking for respect for
    our food, because we don’t care. But if you want respect you need to act
    like y’all deserve it. And Fried Butter is not an exotic food, its
    disgusting and a lot of us here in America would agree. Because we not
    ignorant enough to act like all of our food is amazing and shouldn’t be

  7. Oh my God….after watching this and the food they eat….I am 100% sure I

  8. That is SICK! They cooked a baby duck before it was born? And eat living
    worm things and cooked them alive? Or are they raw? WHICH ONE IS WORSE???

  9. You Americans are fucking pathetic. You don’t even try to taste the food
    you just look at it then sniff it then judge it. Even that Asian American
    guy and girl weren’t even familiar with Asian foods.

  10. Okay. We Americans don’t have any culture, I can agree with that. But I’m
    sorry, I draw the freaking line at a duck embryo and octipus that’s still

  11. ok I hate humans why would you eat a bird embryo. It doesn’t look delicious
    at all. But I guess if you grow up with it you’ll think it’s normal so bai.

  12. i want them to redu this one but with people who are actually familiar with
    the food. cause they’re basically just shit talking a cultures food…

  13. i wouldn’t eat that for a thousand dollars , it fucking alive , or it’s a
    duck embryo , everything either looks or smells disgusting , 

  14. That Asian chick is so Americanized she probably forgot her family
    originated from that continent. I somehow find her very annoying because
    she acts so ignorant to her own origins’ cuisines.

  15. This is why Americans are gay ass bitches! They can’t even eat a chicken
    feet! What a bunch of pussy!

  16. I love it when foreign people talk about malaysia or show something
    representing malaysia because usually people don’t talk about our country 

  17. Americans are now considered as people who are just fat and dumb :p There
    is no culture which they established, except eating those cheap ass foods

  18. I’m a white guy from Denmark and there’s very few things I won’t try, but
    the egg-embryo-thing would probably be one of those.. Just watching it made
    me feel weird. lol It could probably taste alright, since I tend to like
    egg, duck, chicken etc. but everything within me just screams “IT’S NOT
    FOOD!” so I’d have a hard time keeping it down I think. But meh, I won’t
    know until I get the chance some day. :p

    Typical ew-things like snake, heart, lung, frog, feet, snail, blood sausage
    etc. don’t worry me. I can’t promise that I’ll like it, but I don’t mind
    trying it.
    I’ve eaten grilled insects at some sort of medieval event once and while
    it’ll never be my favorite snack, it wasn’t bad. It started out as a lost
    bet, but it was good enough for me to get more just to make my friends
    sick. You just need to get over how it looks, and it’s alright.
    I also tried fermented shark once. That’s an Icelandic thing. That was
    bad.. Really bad. But it’s been like 25 years, so I’d be willing to try it
    again. Who knows if I’d like it today.

    Taste is a weird thing though, cause I will eat a lot of things that other
    people won’t, but then there’s my nemesis. The tomato. I’ve tried different
    kinds over a period of over 30 years now, and I don’t like any of them.
    It’s not that I can’t force myself to eat it or can’t keep it down, but I
    *really* don’t like it. The texture of it is just.. Nasty.
    But ketchup etc. is fine oddly enough. It’s just a raw tomato that I hate.

  19. kk So I’m white, but I’m a total egg! Had a white childhood, but then high
    school hit and BAM I only like Asian guys, mainly cook Asian food, I even
    attend a a Chinese church. I work at a sushi bar and have been learning
    mandarin since I was 13. My youth pastor at my Chinese church gave me the
    title “honorary asian”. I’m pretty Asian now….but since I had a white
    childhood I have to learn to like all the bizarre foods on my own. The
    first time I had intestines, I threw up. Pork blood jello is a chore to
    pick up with chopsticks.TOFU FTW!!! Frog tastes like chicken,cabbage and
    baby bok choy is delicious. That tree fungus thing is really good too. I as
    scared to try kimchi, but it was good when I finally got to try it. When I
    am given a plate of food at my Chinese church for lunch every week, I
    don’t know what half the stuff on the plate is, but it’s still (almost)
    always good. The mom’s make stuff or it’s a potluck. I’ve seen some WEIRD
    STUFF, but it tastes good as long as you use cabbage and rice between
    bites. *warning* be on the lookout for intestines. Your Asian friends WILL
    try and trick you into eating it if given the opportunity. It’s not good
    tasting…I’m sorry but it’s true haha

  20. I WOULD be willing to try a lot of this, but 1.) There is NO Asian stores
    where I live -.- and 2.) Raw meat makes my stomach hurt

  21. Like the Swedish Bikini Team chowing on Lutefisk and Salmiakki. Sexy women
    and their eating habits, oh my!

  22. Like the Swedish Bikini Team chowing on Lutefisk and Salmiakki. Sexy women
    and their eating habits, oh my!

  23. They are showing some nasty stuff. Who eats chicken feet or egg embryo?
    That is poor people food. I eat all asian food like real chinese, viet,
    thai, or japanese food.

    This is like saying all American eat Mcdonalds. 

  24. I can eat absolutely everything besides the duck embryo! holy, I get really
    scared looking at it.

  25. I’ve yet to try to stinky tofu but I do enjoy other fermented soy products.

    What is the taste and smell like?

  26. things asians got right: food
    things asians occasionally got very, very wrong: food

    seriously though asian foodstuffs take the cake every time. who can argue
    with pho? or laksa? or RICE!?
    white people invented hot dogs.

  27. I’m Asian but I don’t like to eat most of the food Asians eat,for breakfast
    I usually go to Starbucks or have a bagel w butter.

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