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Any authentic Chinese Restaurants?

Question by Nathaniel: Any authentic Chinese Restaurants?
Any authentic Chinese Restaurants?
Well im going to New York in May for a few days and i want to know if anyone knows any authentic restaurants where real Chinese food is served. I live in Singapore for 3 years and it has real Asian and Indian food, the best in the world. So anyone know where there is a restaurant where the food is very real and not americanized. It does not have to be a big popular restaurant it can be small shack as long as it has some real food. And preferably in China Town as i will be close to that area, though other loactions are welcome thank you.

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Answer by D
Po Chang’s Super eatery

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2 thoughts on “Any authentic Chinese Restaurants?”

  1. Just walk around in China Town and look for a restaurant where Chinese people are dining. That’s where you’ll find it.

  2. All Chinese restaurants inside the China Towns in Manhattan, Queen’s, Flushing are all authentic, they are all run by Chinese people from different parts of China.

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