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are there any good dim sum restaurants in tulsa?

Question by kindoo: are there any good dim sum restaurants in tulsa?
i mean real authentic dim sum, not that stuff you get at the chinese buffets. help?

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Answer by Desi Chef

11630 E Skelly Drive
Tulsa, OK 74128
Telephone: 918-438-8878

Next time you are in OK city, try the GRAND HOUSE:

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3 thoughts on “are there any good dim sum restaurants in tulsa?”

  1. Hey, I used to live in Tahlequah! I used to drive up to Tulsa to eat Vietnamese all the time (there are two really good restaurants there) and Thai (one). Dim Sum? I don’t recall one. Gosh, there was a really classy Chinese buffet, but I can’t remember if they had dim sum. Look, I found a couple of places by looking in the phone book. Give ’em a call and ask. Tulsa actually is a pretty darn nice town to eat in considering its size.

  2. i dont know about tulsa, but in okc there is one on classen blvd called grand house that is awesome!

  3. hk dim sum is now called guangzhou. Personally i like the dim sum in tulsa to the one in okc. Not to mention it’s cheaper too

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