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Around the world: Children learn about different cultures at camp

Around the world: Children learn about different cultures at camp
From learning to say the Korean word for "hello," "An-yang-ha-sim-ni-ka," to using chopsticks, a group of children were recently swept away to a foreign country — without ever leaving Shreveport. The children were participants in a spring break camp …
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Alicia Silverstone Regurgitates Food to Her Baby Like a Bird … Wait, What!?
Note that one of the joys of visiting Ethiopian restaurants is use of the hands to feed oneself; Japanese culture developed exquisite use of chopsticks — not far removed from hand use. Those of you who are observant will note that in the progression …
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Needing Noodles
Zutto serves a "set" for lunch ($ 17)—a wedge salad (a good starter, but a little hard to eat with chopsticks), a choice of six types of ramen and sushi rice served with a cabbage slaw and a selection of toppings such as salmon roe and pork jowl.
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