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Is there anything vegan in Chinese seafood restaurants?

Question by Isabella: Is there anything vegan in Chinese seafood restaurants? My friends want to meet for lunch after years and they decided to meet at a Chinese seafood restaurant. I am the only vegan person among the large group. I am concerned because the last time I was at another Chinese seafood restaurant even plain steamed rice smelled like fish and I was offered a “veggie” dish that had chunks of meat or chicken removed, which I declined, but I was still sick even…

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Chopsticks description?

Question by Sally: Chopsticks description? how would you describe in detail…chopsticks? i’m not sure how to start Best answer: Answer by forte88engchopsticks are two separate long slim utensils to eat food, usually made of wood or plastic. the ends used to pick up food on japanese chopsticks are tapered to a point. chinese chopsticks are usually squared at the end. both chopsticks are held in one hand so that the fingers move the chopsticks together to grip food and raise it to the mouth. skilled…

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Disposable Chopstick 100 Pairs in Bags

Disposable Chopstick 100 Pairs in Bags Sold as 1 BAG of 100 PAIRS Each pair is 8″ long Just break apart and use Individually wrapped in a paper sleeve Shirakiku Poplar Wooden Chopstick with paper casing.Disposable wooden Chopstick is perfect for eating sushi, noodles and rice.Measurement: 8 inch Quantity: 100 pairsMaterial: Wood List Price: $ 3.30 Price: $ 3.30 Find More Chinese Food With Chopsticks, Products

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Democratic Party Lawmaker Not Questioned Over Husband's Dim Sum

Democratic Party Lawmaker Not Questioned Over Husband's Dim Sum … 19 in which Supriyanto, a parking lot attendant at Dimsum Festival, a 24-hour restaurant in Kemang, South Jakarta, claimed he was kidnapped and tortured by a drug-intoxicated Herdi. Supriyanto said the incident occurred after Herdi got into an argument … Read more on Jakarta Globe Bistro Chen making a name for itself in Arlington Heights All the traditional favorites are there — won ton soup, moo-shu pork, egg foo yung, General Tso's chicken — and…

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