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26 thoughts on “Black man angry At Chinese Restaurant @siggas”

  1. My advice to you is to stop going in there, and you need to rent some national geographic video and you will see that eating rats and other rottens is normal in some places. I don’t know where your from but the church chicken in my city is to much black here go where you can get 4 pieces and a haft of pound of frys from $4.00 or go to Kroger and get 8 pieces for $ 5.00 on Fridays so stop being stupid and don’t go in there anymore.




  3. Nugga doesnt even know what a buffalo is…. nor how to read one… get your fking black ass back to primary school.. you racist fk

  4. Really?! I read some of these comments and it ticks me off. His videos ate funny and if you disagree fine whatever bringing race into this is well stupid. I don’t care what color your skin is wear you were raised. I grew up in a southern town so freaking racist I grew up isolated. Why? I wasn’t a judgemental bitch. My fiancé is black.I don’t hate anyone but racist people piss me off so badly. Grow up! No one is better then anyone. My gosh! God made us all equal. (Pardon the bad word) lol

  5. I would rate u a 11 out of 10 because u r the collets and funniest guy ever keep up the good work u r awesome!

  6. Oh I forgot my little cousin is 6 and thinks this is the worlds stupidest comment.

  7. Shut up..Your parents must have dropped you on your head.Without Africans ,your ancestors could have been starving because they were lazy to do their own work.We’re not or crazy.It’s the way you think of us.Since you have no idea how it feels to be Black shut up and go learn something.I know i’m replying to a 3 week old comment.

  8. DCigs you get like 500k plus views I don’t know if your videos are monetized or not. But you could be making like 10,000 a month if your videos are not monetized hit me up I’ll show you how to do it

  9. No Genral TAO with shramps fraid raizzz? The quickest way to give a black man a heart attack is by quoting anything over 10 dollars in the food bill. Funny video. Its ok, my brother gets the same way, he is a cheap stingy bastard.

  10. All niggas know how to order one thing from chinese restaurants is shrimp fried rice. The Chinese workers in fact joke about it. They see a nigga comin and say start cookin the shrimp fried rice here comes one. Me- I like pepper steak and rice,crispy duck,shrimp lo mein,teryaki on sticks,sesame chicken and rice egg foo young and sweet and sour chicken are all delicious. Chicken fried rice-which niggas like-is the blandest of all chinese meals.

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