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Can somebody tell my why do Chinese people eat with sticks instead of spoons and forks like normal people?

Question by Christy: Can somebody tell my why do Chinese people eat with sticks instead of spoons and forks like normal people?
just wondering… 😀

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i’m asian so i’ll tell you. just make sure you never say eat withforks and spoons like normal people to asian people because they might get really insulted. i’m just fine with it because i’m more westernized than easternized. ok, we eat with chopsticks(long sticks) because we’ve been eating with them since we were little and we use them for every meal like you do with a fork. it’s really normal to be eating with them and sometimes it can get to the point where using chopsticks are alot easier than using forks

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  1. Why do you think they are not ‘normal people’? Chop sticks work better with the types of food they use most…it’s really hard trying to loop long noodles with a fork or spoon, much easier to pinch wads of veggies and noodles with opposing sticks and then daintily scooping it into your mouth with the bowl held close to your mouth.

  2. Asians are normal people, they just eat using different tools. However, this is a good question because it goes to the heart of how different cultures evolved. The problem is I can’t find information as to why some Asian countries use chopsticks and others don’t. Consider this. India is actually part of the continent of Asia, and yet they don’t use (and I see nothing to suggest that they ever have used) chopsticks.

    That being said we have no clear history of why Europeans use forks and spoons. Knives was pretty straight forward because it was not just used at one time for eating, but cutting and hunting. It doesn’t explain why those tools became the norm in that region of the globe.

    I hope the link below helps, but I think this might be one of those issues that you may not find the answer for in this forum.

  3. Who’s to say what’s normal? 🙂

    Chopsticks allow the diner to pick up individual bits of food without accompanying ingredients from the dish, thus allowing individual flavours to come through.

    Food is usually cut into small pieces so it cooked faster (thus saving on scarce or expensive fuel). Not many people had knives, and a weapon at the table was considered to be in poor taste. Chopsticks make it easy to pick up these smaller pieces.

    Stabbing meat and veg is kinda crude and spearing meat with a fork lets out all the juices.

    They are versatile and can be used during the cooking process to whisk and pull bits of food out. It is a dainty way of eating. They do slurp noodles, but this is completely acceptable and a sign of good luck (?) and that you are enjoying the meal.

    Wooden sticks are less expensive than metal and could be carved by common folk. In the early days, upper classes could afford to use other materials like metals and bone. Wood and bamboo do not hold the heat like metal, so you don’t burn your mouth. This is also why porcelain spoons are offered for Westerners.

    They drink soup direct from the bowl, so spoons aren’t needed.

  4. For the Chinese they are the ones eating in a normal fashion and not us. The food which goes on the table is cut in small portions and everyone at the table can help themselves with chopsticks which is convenient and hygienic. I prefer the sticks any day if its Chinese food.

  5. Here’s a direct quote from Wiki:

    “The fork had been used in China long before the chopstick; a bone fork has been discovered by archaeologists at a burial site of the early Bronze Age Qijia culture (2400–1900 BC), and forks have been found in tombs of the Shang Dynasty (c. 1600–c. 1050 BC) and subsequent Chinese dynasties.”

    I can not find any earlier dates on fork inventions. This means Chinese people were the first ones who invented and used forks. WTF! Evidently, Chinese found something else to replace forks. Chopsticks are cheaper and easier to make than forks. Chopsticks could easily pick up very small objects in trained hands. If necessary, you could stab your foods with chopsticks; most Asians found stabbing foods with chopsticks to be impolite and uncivilized though.

    Looks like some people couldn’t stand the fact that some Chinese were eating with forks around at least 4,000 years ago. Look up when were forks first used for culinary use. The earliest date I found was 7th century A.D. (starting 601 A.D.). 601 A.D. and 1900 BC were almost 2,500 years apart. 1050 BC and 601 A.D. were almost 1650 years apart.

  6. they are called chopsticks.

    and what is normal, christy? is your interpretation of “normal” really universal and does it apply to everybody in the world? im sure people on the other side of the world (For example: in New Zealand , China, India, Russia, etc) would find some of the your white anglo-saxon united states customs rather different and maybe even odd. just keep that in mind! exploring new foods and cultures gives you a broader world view and makes life interesting.

    that being said:

    chopsticks are the traditional eating utensils of China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam and Northern provinces of Laos, some ethinic groups of Cambodia, Thailand and Burma. Generally believed to have originated in ancient China, they can also be found in some areas of Tibet and Nepal that are close to Han Chinese populations.

    Chopsticks originated in ancient China as early as the Shang dynasty (1766-1122 BCE).[ The earliest evidence of a pair of chopsticks made out of bronze was excavated from the Ruins of Yin near Anyang, Henan, dated roughly 1200 BCE. While China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam had long included chopsticks as part of their traditional eating utensils, the use of chopsticks in a limited sense spread to other Asian countries in recent centuries with the influx of Chinese immigrants in Southeast Asia.

    In our western culture, food is usually served separately to a person (individually – partly for hygiene). But, in chinese eating culture, food is often shared amongst friends/other people on a round table. The sharing of food amongst chinese eating culture has its origin from prehistoric times when the chinese hunters shared the food amongst everybody . They would sit around a pot with cooked food inside and use a ‘public chopsticks’ to grap the food onto their bowls/plates. Then they will cut the food using a knife and eat it with a fork.

    As times developed, the chinese began to think of a more convenient way of eating. They would have someone prepare the food in a pot and then serve it to share among others. But instead of using only one “public chopsticks” for all, they would have individual chopsticks for each person, so that they can easily grab the food from the pot. Because all the food were already prepared (i.e. cut), there was no need to use knife/fork to cut the food during eating. This soon led to the practice of using knife/fork to eat food being abandoned. What’s replaced was the practice of using chopsticks.

  7. wellll idkk wats “normal” to you but……they do that cuz they want too and if you have a problem with that….thats on you :T

  8. The reason europeans use forks is because Marco Polo brought chopsticks back from China and they became the new fad, but nobody knew how to use them since they were use to using spoons, knives and their grubby unwashed fingers. They were used to spear the food. Then someone got the idea to put a fork on the end.

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