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Good riddance to bad rubbish

Good riddance to bad rubbish Every family must also sort out trash and put different types of rubbish into the right type of bag; leftovers go into yellow bags, for instance. … The discarded food went into one container while the spoon, chopsticks and dish were dealt with … Read more on Bangkok Post Feeling Japan: A Blind Sudanese Man Shares His Experiences There were all kinds of different types—mackerel, bluefish, herring, and so on. Japanese people take the bones out before eating fish, but…

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SandFest starts

SandFest starts All particpants need to do is show up with a few tools, ready to learn and get sandy. Almost anything can be used: Straws, trowels, spatulas, small shovels or spades, chopsticks, spoons and, of course, buckets. Buckets are provided, but may be brought … Read more on South Jetty (subscription)

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Love is…writing well about it

Love is…writing well about it It's strong as well, and built on dialogue more than any of the rest. Zaidi has a good ear. Her sensibilities are overwhelmingly urban, and that's her strength. Urban, and upper-middle class: He knew… she struggled with a fish knife and couldn't use … Read more on The Hindu Sharing your food photos? Make that dish look as good as it tastes Cooks County restaurant pastry chef Roxana Jullapat uses honey from Silverlake in her dessert featuring honey melon sorbets…

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Lunch Around the World

Lunch Around the World Meanwhile, in a few classrooms upstairs, some lucky students got to make "teh tarik" or "pulled tea," had henna and other designs painted on their hands, and practiced eating with chopsticks. One young boy figured out the chopsticks just by picking up … Read more on The Washington Diplomat Dish of the Day: Carp head and tofu soup @ Dahushedao To tackle it, stir up the stock with chopsticks so the leviathan carp head breaches with its chalky eyes and mouth…

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Tried & true mustard and honey sauce

Tried & true mustard and honey sauce Drizzle it over boiled potatoes, serve it with corned beef, use as a dressing in coleslaw, instead of sauce with salmon, or with barbecued lamb. I love it with … Wooden, joined, disposable chopsticks are available at Asian speciality shops. They're a … Read more on The Dominion Post Fanfare for the Common Man I was Kung Fu Panda catching houseflies with chopsticks. I could suddenly see into the fourth and fifth dimensions. Like Bobby Fischer in chess…

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A taste for Japanese

A taste for Japanese We conduct sessions, where the students are taught to use chopsticks and wear a kimono”, says Shanmuga Priya. The Japanese Education Ministry has set the syllabus, and the course material is also provided by them. There are around 30 students, who fall … Read more on The Hindu Dan the Caucasian Asian Because we have to hit as many stereotypical cultural touchstones as possible, Ramsay points at a dish with two-hundred fortune cookies containing the ingredients, that the teams have to…

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Leap Motion reaches beyond touchscreen computers with gesture controls

Leap Motion reaches beyond touchscreen computers with gesture controls In a bustling tent set up in a parking lot here at the South By Southwest Interactive Festival, people are pointing their hands and gesturing with chopsticks as they guide various actions on a dozen computer screens. Some of the sharpest minds in … Read more on Globe and Mail Face Up to Spring with A Kitchen Cleanse Suited to Any New Yorker In a Seamless Web world, burn those takeout menus. Throw out the extra…

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Go Bag grab bag: SXSW survival sundries

Go Bag grab bag: SXSW survival sundries Whether you're on your way to SXSW or already running around downtown Austin, you need to take extra precautions that your bag is properly stocked. All the basic rules … My personal choice is a little eccentric: Snow Peak travel chopsticks. They are … Read more on Reuters Blogs (blog) Tokyo – A Shore Thing Japanese use only chopsticks as eating utensils. Soup bowls are lifted directly to the mouth. Noodle-slurping is considered polite. * Restaurants generally have…

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England Stumbles, New Englanders Rumble, An English Prof Mumbles

How to use chopsticks- Dragon Image by Frau Shizzle Swap piece for the PQ food swap for RayR00. She loves asian food, so I used a disposable chopstick wrapper as base for the pattern. I love the cheaply printed illustrations on these wrappers and I think it’s a pity they usually get thrown away without a closer look. England Stumbles, New Englanders Rumble, An English Prof Mumbles America has perfected solar-backpack technology — what more do you want from us? Economic Times. At the fork…

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