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Chinese Food- How to Order at a Chinese Restaurant

The basics on how to order food and drinks at a Chinese restaurant. Restaurant: Yummy Boba Music: 這就是愛-王力宏(Sony BMG) *Yes, I realize now that the music is too loud. Perhaps this is good practice for the real world, since there are often loud noise distractions in these situations -especially at Chinese restaurants! Starring: Kevin, Jenny, Han Ling, Emerald, and Gloria Filmed, Directed, and Edited By: Gloria Tu & Pablo Valentín
Video Rating: 4 / 5

This is a random restaurant I called during one of my live shows, and I thought it was pretty hilarious. Become my facebook fan! I pre-release some of my videos on facebook, so you’ll see them before they appear on my YouTube profile Register and join the community @ Check out the epic soundboard with tons of phrases from my Asian prank calls! http Follow me on twitter! Add me to MySpace! If you do all this you’ll definitely catch my next live show! Comment and subscribe! Subtitles by: Check him out and let him know what you thought of the subtitles 🙂
Video Rating: 4 / 5

49 thoughts on “Chinese Food- How to Order at a Chinese Restaurant”

  1. Hey, is it okay to leave a $1, for food for, like, four people? My parents did, and they said that’s what you’re supposed to do, at Chinese restaurants. I would never.

  2. I’m assuming this was staged for a school project or something. There’s no way a real-life waitstaff at a Chinese restaurant would be that polite.

  3. i looked at the menu in a Chinese restaurant.. What is a double broiled brain with smell ??.. I believe Chinese people would eat anything

  4. Now that I am studying for some time I am able to understand better, but for a beginner it is not really clear, specially the girl in white with red stripes (at 0:30 seconds, for example), she do not speak loud enough to be understood.
    But the video and the lesson are really great.

  5. Thanks for the real situation lesson. However, the music makes it very hard to hear the speakers.

  6. That nigga is a pimp! w/ a slut, a chick who looks like a mom, and a regular gurl, omg
    but he needs to shave that stash
    who watches this for chinese class :D————————–eli li

  7. I hope if you ever have the balls to go to another country and do something even remotely as difficult as starting a business, you never run into some jerk making you’re already difficult life even harder for his own amusement. You make fun of their English, but I wonder how good your Chinese would be if you even dared to learn.

  8. 3:00 Wait.. when did ‘speen rul’s come into this? even if you weren’t making up imaginary bullshit you wouldn’t get anything you ordered. XP

  9. 6:35
    i just registered in ownagepranks(dot)com only so you dont cry 😀 i love you THAT much :3

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