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Chopsticks & Baked Egg Rolls : Chinese Food at Home

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How to pick up rice with chopsticks; learn more about traditional Asian food in this free instructional video. Expert: Hiu Yau Bio: Hiu Yau has been a home c…

25 thoughts on “Chopsticks & Baked Egg Rolls : Chinese Food at Home”

  1. +TheBBallEnthusiast I AGREE x10000. It’s actually MUCH harder for an
    eastern asian to learn English (especially Japanese). English has over
    80,000 (rough estimate) unique language sounds, whereas many asian
    languages have less (like Japanese, with about 30). This means that they
    actually have to TEACH THEMSELVES to pronounce things properly, which is
    extremely difficult and takes years of surrounding yourself with the
    Any foreigner that speaks English well enough so that I can comprehend is
    very smart in my opinion, English is one of the most difficult languages to
    learn as a second language. 

  2. very good Video, however, so many comments by people who generalize i could
    not exactly make a good argument against any of them. But an interesting
    thing i keep seeing is that, why America only speaks English while other
    countries speak multiple languages including English, and the answer to
    that is simple, English is, for all intensive purposes, the most popular
    language, it is NOT the most spoken in the world by population as that
    would be Chinese. So if someone wanted to do business outside their
    country, and to multiple countries, you need a common language, and it just
    so happens to be English, cause how difficult would it be to learn every
    language for every country you do business in, It has nothing to do with
    America, but people like to blame American’s because, well, it’s an easy
    answer due to our stereotype as “ignorant”. Further though, a LOT of
    American’s have accents, and yes English IS the hardest language to learn
    (for those that want to speak it correctly as 80% of our country makes
    horrible mistakes constantly, myself included) because the grammar system
    and the sheer amount of words and slang we have is crazy. Other than that,
    i love eating with chopsticks :3

  3. To be fair and accurate, it really depends on how the rice is cooked. I
    noticed Cantonese and Japanese rice is cooked with shorter grain rice,
    which allows for me inter-meshing with the rice, allowing for bigger clumps
    to be picked up with ease.

  4. +HourglassShrugged lolz that was funny… It would take 3 hours to eat a
    meal that being the case

  5. Please don’t shovel your rice with chopsticks, since that’s considered bad
    table manners. Chinese consider that as equivalent to eating like a dog (I
    don’t mean to be offensive, just trying to make the point). Neither does
    the Japanese fine it as an acceptable table manner, I believe.

  6. agreed. some countries its mandatory to speak at least two languages
    fluently. Im american and we are totally in our own world and think we are
    the best, its sad cause most have never left this country. we need to learn
    from other cultures, not put them down or we will never grow.

  7. Well, shit. The secret is the stickiness of the rice. My family never likes
    to use a lot of water when cooking rice…we’re the Asians that don’t
    normally use chopsticks. But I still want to learn anyway. I’ll try more
    water next time 😛

  8. not related to the point you’re trying to make, but Japanese is actually
    not that hard to learn

  9. I’m an American, and I totally agree with you. We are spoiled, because
    almost everyone in our country knows English, and we don’t have a great
    need or even have much exposure to other languages.

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