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32 thoughts on “Chopsticks (English Version)”

  1. Omg! Thank you so much!! I’ve been practicing with coins for about an hour
    now and I think I got it down! I was having a problem with the sticks
    crossing at the end, but I realized my error. It still happens every once
    and a while. I’ve been trying to learn for a while now. 

  2. Went to a ramen shop with only chopsticks and I didn’t know what the hell I
    was doing. I managed to swirl the noodles around one stick.

  3. People should know people don’t “master” chopsticks in 5 minutes. I dont
    know how long it takes but for me it took me 1 week and a half.

  4. okay i think i got the hang of it… but i will never understand how you
    eat RICE with em 🙁

  5. I normally rest the lower stick on my middle finger. Took me about two
    minutes to figure out how to eat once someone mentioned that to me. Now I
    feel like I’ve done it all wrong for years. 🙁

  6. How I eat with chopsticks: Have a stick in each hand. Try lift it slowly
    with the sticks and drop it into my mouth like a pig. I’m mastering this.

  7. @lapticul Hey I didn’t know you were just messing around, so for that I
    apologize. I do not think we need to be bash each other for this. Are we

  8. @MsPinkyPuppy because you have to eat the rice that clumps together like in
    those american style Chinese food places

  9. I always remember our local Chinese Westwaunt had bars on the bog window to
    stop people legging and avoid paying the bill…

  10. Your right , I prefer a Knife and Fork when I eat its so much easier,
    You having a Piss with sound effects was poor etiquette and remember,
    No matter how much you shake your peg the last few drops run down your leg.
    Cheers mate, See Ya.. 

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