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25 thoughts on “CHOPSTICKS SUCK! (Lunchtime w/ Smosh)”

  1. ian, its not because of chopsticks! its cause we like to eat healthy!(and i
    was kinda disappointed that you didnt include korea.)

  2. no asains are skinnier then americans because lots of americans are
    fatasses that sit on their asses eating food

  3. panda express gave me diarrhea. and its not real chinese food. almost
    everyone gets diarrhea from that place.

  4. I love SMOSH!! I loved the finding twitter questions song!! And Anthony’s
    moon walk was so hilarious!! xD As usual, Ian was extremely cute!!! ;D 

  5. actually you can stick that bowl of rice on you lips and use chopsticks to
    push rice into your mouth lol

  6. Sometimes using chopsticks is more convenient than the knife and fork to
    me. Maybe that’s because I’m a Taiwanese. But two little sticks are really
    not that heavy.

  7. hey Anthony if you drink your own piss then you will win the best fucking
    taco in the World

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