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chow main ordering help!?

Question by Toni M: chow main ordering help!?
ok so im from California , now living in Colorado. I used to always order chow main from a place called chopsticks in CA. it was great!! it was like pan fried noodles, thats it!! im sure they added other things to but i always just got the noodles.

here is the problem…i cant find anything like it here in Colorado! if i order lo main noodles they are like fatter soggy noodles like top roman ….if i order chow main i get these things that look like Frito chips! anyone ever eat at a panda express, they have the type of chow main im looking for but they put egg sprouts or something in theres!!


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Answer by willa
trial and error sweetheart. i’m from ca too, and it seems our chinese is “different” from everyone else’s. the closest i’ve come outside of ca is nyc, where my mom lives. i was so depressed when i had to move to north carolina that i taught myself how to make my own chinese food – ca style. i’ve had chinese in at least 10 other states, and none of it is like ca. in my eyes, it sucks. keep trying different places and different dishes until you find what you like. otherwise, start learning how to make your own. i’ve found that “ling ling” frozen pot-stickers are better than any restaurant i’ve tried outside of ca. i’ve got fab recipes for mongolian beef, genera tao’s’s chicken, chow mein, sesame chicken, spicy garlic green beans, and more. i left ca 7 years ago – plenty of time to practice 😉

was it the “chopsticks” in pacific grove? just wondering. i have a godsister named “toni” from that area.

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  1. Call Panda express & ask them for the chow mein without BEAN sprouts. Not egg sprouts.

    **Just to let you know, this question made you sound like a ditz.

  2. Some places use vermicelli instead of traditional long chinese egg noodles. I assume you were having vermicelli chow mein. Chow mein/Lo mein are very nearly the same thing. The only real differences are in the ways they are cooked.

    There are many different ways of doing westernized chinese food. If you really want it your way, find a recipe using vermicelli, and do it yourself.

    Also, egg sprouts? Do you mean bean sprouts?

  3. Chow mein: crispier noodles
    Lo mein: soft noodles

    Pics that show the difference between chow mein and lo mein:

    Chow mein:

    Lo mein:

    When you go to Panda Express, just ask for chow mein without the bean sprouts.

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