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25 thoughts on “CRAZY ASIAN FOOD TEST!”

  1. Amercians think we brits speak like: Oh, my goodness! We have absolutely
    got to go!

    What we British actually speak like:Yo, man! Wassup. Yeah, we’ve gotta go!

  2. I am not usually one to crush on someone I don’t personally know. Much less
    a youtuber. But my GOD Mari drives me absolutely crazy. Insanely beautiful
    girl. Even though I do have a girlfriend (and she’d be pissed – being
    Chinese – to know I think a girl of Japanese descent is hot – it’s a touchy
    subject for her) and Mari is taken (lucky bastard) …just…GAH. Stop
    being so cute. Damn it. 😛 And now I feel guilty for thinking that. Must go
    hug the gf. 

  3. This whole rating system is flawed. Female Mario gave out like five 10s.
    That totally diminishes the value of a perfect score. What is going to
    happen to the economy of scoring systems? What about inflation? She
    obviously didn’t consider the ramifications of scores. Where does it stop?
    Pretty soon we’ll have Olympic athletes scoring a five for just showing
    up, and a 10 for a normal swan dive. Shame on you! Dishonor on you!
    Dishonor on your family! Dishonor on your cow!

  4. If it was Americans vs British people

    British people would’ve won, I’m not only saying this because I’m British
    but here is facts

    Most americans are fat | most British are not fat
    Most Americans hog credit | most British share credit
    Most Americans think there the best on the world | most British do not
    think they’re best in the world


  5. Brits dont speak like darling would you like some tea?
    We (most of us) speak like hey want some tea brah?

  6. You may ignore this but if you have Filipino food. TASTE TEST FILIPINO FOOD
    also isn’t Mari Japanese, and she has fluent English? I though Japanaes was
    suppose to say r instead of l, please correct me if I am wrong

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