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Dragon Castle – an elegant Chinese restaurant near the Elephant and Castle serving delicious dim sum and cantonese cuisine. Dragon Castle has to be one of th…
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  1. Thanks. The Dragon Castle is the name of the restaurant, the rest is to
    attract hits. But do try it, the food is very good.

    1. Penny Cash – Beautiful part of Hong Kong you captured Beautifully! I love it there, where you were!!!!! I like the tree plant in the clear coeiatnnr filled with water .great idea! Amazing how all these places (all new steel and glass downtown, quaint old beautiful market like places, and the high hills hiking places can all be in the same place .not to mention all the water!

    1. ha i never knew that about you and mustard/fries. tha’ts pralboby bc i never saw you order fries at lunch. i totally agree on the asian spoon thing. They are just WAY better designed spoons than the usual silverware. Plus they don’t burn your mouth.

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