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Dim Sum? What is it?!?

Question by : Dim Sum? What is it?!?
I saw this tv show and a man is forced to share an award with his opponent. He turns round and says “They expect me to share? What is this, dim sum?!” What is a dim sum?? Plz. I feel slightly retarded, like I’m missing something really obvious

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Answer by Inquizetif
It’s Chinese “Fingerfood” or “Starters” See here

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  1. It’s any kind of Chinese appetizer. It could be a dumpling steamed or fried with any kind of filling. A filled won ton skin, pot sticker, falls into something considered dim sum.
    There are entire restaurants that have ladies pushing carts filled with different types of dim sum, soups and sauces.
    The person in the awards ceremony didn’t quite use the concept of dim sum correctly other than sometimes multiple types of dim sum are made, then shared before a meal or at a gathering.

  2. It’s Chinese dumplings that are steamed and served at a Chinese restaurant, usually for brunch. They are usually filled with seafood.

    You go to the restaurant and they come by with carts filled with bamboo baskets filled with steamed dumplings.

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  3. Dim sum refers to a style of Chinese food prepared as small bite-sized or individual portions of food traditionally served in small steamer baskets or on small plates. Dim sum is also well known for the unique way it is sometimes served in some restaurants, where fully cooked and ready-to-serve dim sum dishes would be pushed around on steam carts by servers who go around the restaurant offering the dishes to customers and marking orders on a card on each customer’s table.

    I think it is the winner asking if sharing a prize with others as eating some morsels

    I think that has gone over the head of the others as well

  4. Dim Sum is a type of Cantonese food (a type of Chinese food). I’ve lived in Hong Kong for many years that I must say many people have misconceptions about dim sum that they are appetisers.

    They are often served in bamboo steamers or in small plates which have a few pieces of the food, say dumplings. The traditional is that Chinese people have dim sum only in the morning and afternoon but hardly at night. Eating dim sum is called ‘yum cha’ which literally means ‘drinking tea’. It is because people usually have a pot of tea with them while eating dim sum.

    Dim sum in a bamboo steamer or plate are often shared with people, as you can see that many Chinese restaurants have round table where people can get food that are served on a rotatable glass plate in the middle.

    Overall, dim sum are relatively small pieces of food served. But you can’t just put things into the steamer and call them dim sum. Normally, common types of dim sum are dumplings (prawn, vegetable, meat…), spring rolls, rice with some ingredients wrapped inside a lotus leaf’, buns,…well, i don’t really know their exact names in english, they’re too difficult to translate.

  5. Several have it right, a few not so much. Dim Sum is a way of eating – small plates. In Spain they would call it tapas, though it’s not exactly the same. The most famous place here in SF has ladies with carts walking around and you pick what you want, and are charged for each. They have like 100 things to choose from. Their busiest time is brunch. Like appetizers, but no, not appetizers in the usual sense.

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