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Do chinese Restaurants actually cook cats and dogs ?

Question by Samantha: Do chinese Restaurants actually cook cats and dogs ?
I have heard that whenever a Chinese Restaurant opens up in an area, that all the stray cats and dogs disappear, and they are served as PORK in chinese restaurants. Is this true ?

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Answer by sunshine
I have eaten at chinese restaurants before and have eaten meat that I cant tell which animal it came from, so I wonder, but It taste good, what you dont know wont hurt you. enjoy

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16 thoughts on “Do chinese Restaurants actually cook cats and dogs ?”

  1. I’ve heard the rumor, too, and that ithas to do with pot stickers. But I don’t beleive it, myself. It’s got to be nothing by a myth!

  2. I certainly hope not.

    When I went to California, I can swear that it was cat. Im not kidding. Word to the wise- dont eat Chinese food in Cali.

  3. I went to Hong Kong and I know for a FACT that they cook dogs. Puppies actually. It was the saddest thing I had ever seen but its their culture. To them, our eating cow is wrong.

  4. I don’t think that most of them do. First of all when the health inspector comes all meat must be labeled. So if it looks questionable at all it must be removed from the premises. Also I believe in the when in Rome policy: They know that American’s don’t eat cats and dogs, so they don’t cook them. Maybe at home it’s a diffeerent story. I wouldn’t worry though, unless you are in China, or Taiwan.

  5. not really, it depends on which country, like some countries are not allow ppl to eat cats n dogs…

  6. No. It’s just a rumor started years ago.

    There are some cultures in Asia that do eat other animals. For example, in the Phillipines, there are dishes that are made from dog. But in the States, you’d be hard pressed to find a place that actually makes those dishes. And even in their cultures, they’re most often delicacies.

    It’s good to note that most cultures’ diets evolved based on what food was availalbe. For example, in the States, there’s a lot of beef and other meat in our diets. In Japan, where they don’t have much land, it’s a lot of fish and rice. So, don’t be too quick to judge a culture for what it eats. When push comes to shove, you eat what’s available.

  7. That’s an urban legend…If you’re talking about US places.

    In fact, I live in China and there is very little dog and cat eating. Dogs are rarely eaten, but it does happen. It is said to make you feel hot inside. I can’t imagine it happening in Hong Kong, but on occasion you can get dog meat in Mainland China. It’s just another mammal at the end of the day.

  8. Well not most of them (or so I’d like to think). However, there was one closed in Atlanta last year for cooking and selling rats!

  9. It’s so scary. I hope they don’t serve cats & dogs as porks.
    Actually I have visited Taiwan on vacation once, but at a Taiwanese restaurant, I found a questionable dish on menu. The menu had three languages (Chinese, English, and Japanese)with sample photos for each dish, but only the last dish didn’t have English and Japanese title. I guess it means..the food is Chinese only.Was it ..Cat dish..?

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