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Do Chinese restaurants let you customize the messages in fortune cookies?

Question by Tyler: Do Chinese restaurants let you customize the messages in fortune cookies?
I’m asking my girlfriend to prom, obviously she’s going to say yes (I hope!) But I still wanted to be traditional and ask her, and I thought this would be a creative way since she loves Chinese food and fortune cookies. So I was wondering if I could do this at my local Chinese restaurant but if not is there another way I can do this?

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Answer by * 小梅 *Future RDMS, RDCS
No. The messages are pre-printed and the restaurants don’t make the cookies themselves. They get it from the manufacturer or from a wholesale store.

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3 thoughts on “Do Chinese restaurants let you customize the messages in fortune cookies?”

  1. You could make fortune cookies (w/ an online recipe) with a personalized fortune, which would have the added effect of showing her that a) you know what she likes, and b) you would take the time to do something for her.

    Here’s a recipe.

    Or, you could buy a bunch of pre-bought cookies and try really hard to take out the fortune without breaking it and then insert a new one.

  2. no, they come ready made. the only thing you might do is scribble on the back of one you’ve opened or do a sleight of hand with a substitution. otherwise, make some crackers instead.

  3. You can if you arrange with the maker of those fortune cookies to include your special message and not those premade and delivered to your local chinese restaurants unless you can carefully insert your message in it without cracking the cookie. Otherwise its just a prom and not a proposal wedding ring, you can insert your message in a chinese doughnuts, custard/pudding, cupcakes, rice cake, or even mochi. *

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