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23 thoughts on “Do people really eat chineese food out of the containers like they do on TV? I don’t know anyone who does.”

  1. Yep, every Friday the folks in my wing of the office order Chineese food and it comes in those little box/containers like you see on TV. It’ seems to be a tradition where I’m from.


  2. only when im really really hungry n dont feel like putting it in a regular dish..hahah. though now that i think about it, when i eat chinese food from china town, i never get those chinese takeout boxes.

  3. Yes, I live in a small town so we only have a Chinese Buffet but if you call in and have take-out then they give you little boxes that say “ENJOY! ^_^” The coffee place across the street serves their pasta in the same boxes.
    But, yes, they do.

  4. I doubt it. That’s just in there for snob appeal, in order to “impress” us with their chopsticks” ability. I personally find it very annoying and pretentious.

  5. I don’t and have never seen anyone do it.

    When I get Chinese takeout, I put the food on a plate before eating it. I don’t usually finish the entire container anyway. Putting away a container of food partially eaten and contaminated for leftovers would not be safe food handling.

    If I wasn’t going home, I would have just eaten at the restaurant.

  6. yeah in Australia it has only been in the last few years that you can get chinese and noodles in boxes. They are deceptively filling.

  7. yes.. its more convenient. we dont have to wash up! plus where do you loo for plates or bowls when ur out?

  8. I’ve done that plenty of times at work. When ya don’t have any plates or bowls, you have no other choice.

  9. well i am chinese and i do. but i only do that if it’s just me, if i am eating with my family or something we will open everything and put them in serving dishes or something or take from the container and put it on our plates that way

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