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Do Spanish or Cuban restaurants have rolling carts?

Question by Cathy G: Do Spanish or Cuban restaurants have rolling carts?
My Spanish class is opening a “restaurant” for a class project. I want to know, do either Spanish or Cuban restaurants have rolling carts, like they do in Dim Sum restaurants? Basically where the waiters push around a cart filled with food. We could use this in our restaurant, but our teacher wants us to be “authentic”. Anyone who has been to some authentic Spanish or Cuban restaurant, I need your help!

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Answer by Jonathan
I’ve been to both. No, they do not use carts. You are thinking of Italian or French restaurants. After visiting Cuba on March break (Canadians can visit there) I found that most cuban restaurants had more pork dishes with lots of spice. But they didn’t use carts but had a seperate table for fruit and olives. The food was served on a wicker dish carried out from the kitchen. I hope I gave you ideas for a Latino cooking class project.

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