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Does anyone know information about Singapore food?

Question by gothgirl: Does anyone know information about Singapore food?
Like their staple foods and stuff. And like what kinds of food it is that they eat? Any good websites?
like their staple foods and stuff or like they eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner. It is for a research paper that is due monday. Any help would be great.

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  1. I am a former chef and worked in Singapore back in the 1980’s, and they have a very diverse ethnic and local food history, Indian, Chinese, Malakan, Paranakan, Malay and indigenous foods, I wen to the food areas all over the city, I was aprticular fond of the Indain and Chinese Bazaar area on the river and acrossed the bay.

    My fav was a paratha with mutton in in and noodles from the noodle shops, I used to go to a place with chef friend in the downtown area of Little India, we use to have a fish head curry that you would die for, I can still taste it when I think about it.

    Anyone of the Singapore Dining out sites are good reference points I have found, most have recommendations, menus and maps to the places. Your follow up question is a pretty braod request, it depends on the people and there ethnic origin, the most popular foods are those from the countrys they are from, so it would be based on all 3 meals to that cuisine, there are street vendors in Singapore, but it is a very neat and clean society, and food eaten on the streets is done from dining areas. I have seen alot of these question lateley and wonder what school the students are going to and why this questions are important to reports, follow my links to the reviews and it will give you some info.

  2. Your question is really extremely broad, the info could easily fill a book with details. The major racial groups in Singapore are the Chinese (further divided into different dialect groups), Malays, Indians, Eurasians and also the Peranakans (or Straits Chinese with Chinese-Malay heritage) and lots of other smaller groupings, it’s a really cosmopolitan place. Each racial group contributes their own cuisine to the mix of Singapore food and everyone has their favourite dishes across all the cuisines eg. the Chinese also enjoy Malay & Indian food, many Malays like halal Chinese food etc.

    It’s difficult to define staple foods but many dishes are rice and noodle-based, there’s also both Western and Asian style breads. A wide range of various meats, seafood, veggies & fruits (tropical & temperate) are all available.

    Just a few common breakfast items:
    – Malay or Indian roti prata (flat pan-fried bread served with curry). There’s all kinds of varieties eg with egg, cheese, onions, meat fillings (murtabak) and even sweet dessert ones.

    – Chinese steamed buns (bao) & other dim sum items like chee cheong fun (rice flour rolls), bak chang (glutinous rice dumplings), siew mai

    – Kaya toast (thin slices of brown bread spread with coconut egg jam), usually eaten with strong black coffee and soft boiled eggs

    – Nasi Lemak (Malay coconut rice served with accompaniments like sambal chilli, deep-fried anchovies, omelette, otak or spicy fish cake etc)

    – Sweetened super smooth soyabean curd with soyabean milk and youtiao (Chinese deep-fried doughsticks or crullers)

    As for lunch, dinner & supper items the list is amazing and beyond the scope of this answer. Some popular Singapore dishes include Hainanese chicken rice, char kway teow (fried flat rice noodles), Indian fish head curry, bak kut teh (pork rib soup), satay, chilli crab, pepper crab, claypot rice, fried Hokkien-style mee, oyster omelette (or luak), laksa (spicy coconut noodles), nasi bryani (spiced yellow pillau rice with curried meats), Chinese carrot cake (cubes of rice flour cake made with radish/carrot, fried with eggs and with or without dark soy sauce). There are many many other examples of Singapore food. You could easily write a thesis!

    Most tourists never get to eat the really good stuff because they don’t know where to go, simply heading for well-known tourist spots like Newton Circus or the ubiquitous & mediocre food courts found in shopping malls. They can avoid wasting their trip by buying a local food guide eg. Makansutra which rates the best local street or hawker food & also restaurants.

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