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England Stumbles, New Englanders Rumble, An English Prof Mumbles

How to use chopsticks- Dragon

Image by Frau Shizzle
Swap piece for the PQ food swap for RayR00. She loves asian food, so I used a disposable chopstick wrapper as base for the pattern. I love the cheaply printed illustrations on these wrappers and I think it’s a pity they usually get thrown away without a closer look.

England Stumbles, New Englanders Rumble, An English Prof Mumbles
America has perfected solar-backpack technology — what more do you want from us? Economic Times. At the fork in the road: Depending on which set of numbers you believe, China produces either 57 billion or 80 billion sets of disposable wooden …
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Leap Jumps To Capture Next Step in Motion Control
But using Leap may take a little getting used to. In a bustling tent set up in a parking lot here at the South By Southwest Interactive Festival, people are pointing their hands and gesturing with chopsticks as they guide various actions on a dozen …
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Plastic, One Piece 3D Printed Crossbow Is Just The Thing To Intimidate Your
To cut down on complexity or moving parts and make this a 3D printed crossbow for the masses, its inventor shied away from complicated trigger mechanisms, instead opting to use different thicknesses in different parts of the print to build the trigger …
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