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Ever heard of “nai huang bao? I need a recipe…?

Question by ChinaDoll: Ever heard of “nai huang bao? I need a recipe…?
Nai huang bao are a Chinese dessert. They are steamed buns filled with sweet yellow custard. I need to find a recipe so that I can make them for my family when I get home from China.

Here are the characters for nai huang bao (Mandarin)
奶 黄 包

Thanks for the help!!

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Answer by David H
I am a former chef and have had then several times at Dim Sum restaurants here in Toronto Canada and when I worked in Singapore. There is a packaged steamed dumpling mix in most Asian or Vietnamese grcery store or shops.

You make the custard, and like steamed pork bun Char Sui Bao, stuff the cold custard cut into squares into the rounds, seal them let them rise, them place them in a bamboo steamer to cook for 15-25 minutes depending on the size.

A regular egg custard with some starch, I would use cornstarch, make it chill in in a small dish, remove it and cut it into pieces and palce in the bun mixture after it has risen and been portioned out. The mix will make 8 large or 12 small ones.

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