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Hints From Heloise: Tomato talk

Using chopsticks
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The don’ts of using chopsticks
– Don’t more around chopsticks from one dish to another. This is a sign of ‘Greediness’.
– Don’t dig in the food to take what you like instead of taking it from the top. (Sashi bashi)
– Don’t move around the chopstick above the dishes while thinking what to take the next. (Mayoi-bashi)
– Don’t swirl the chopsticks inside the soup bowl and dig into the food. (Saguri bashi)
– Don’t take the food and not eat it and leave the chopsticks down.
– Don’t ask for another plate while holding the chopsticks.
– Don’t llick the ends of chopsticks. (Neburi bashi)
– Don’t stick chopsticks in your rice. This is commonly done at funerals, or as an offering which is placed on the alter at an ancestral shrine.
– Don’t set chopsticks on your bowl of dishes.
– Don’t give food from your chopsticks directly to somebody other’s chopsticks. Only at Buddhist funerals where the bones of the burned body are given in that way from person to person.

and so on…

Hints From Heloise: Tomato talk
Suzanne, Omaha CHOPSTICK USE Dear Heloise: If you choose to use chopsticks at dinner in a Chinese restaurant, bring them back home instead of leaving them to be thrown out. They come in handy as stakes for indoor plants. — Christine R., via e-mail You …
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Kasambara rearrested; cops search for chopsticks allegedly used to extract
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from baseball bats to chopsticks
The name is a play on words combining the Japanese word for chopsticks, "hashi," with a familiar chant heard at Japanese baseball games. About 20000 bats, used and abused by pro and amateur players, turn up at Hyozaemon's workshop each year.
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