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25 thoughts on “Hong Kong Food. Action in the Kitchen of a Chinese Restaurant. Street Food”

  1. OMG seriously stop calling it dirty. It’s not a fucking ‘top class’
    restaurant, its freaking street food for fucks sake. 

  2. I think it’s fine as long as he hasn’t handled with money (god knows where
    coins and notes have been). 

  3. One miscalculated chop with a knife like that and you’d be one finger (or
    several) down!

  4. Most people don’t understand that Authentic Chinese Food

    is much different than what Chinese food restaurants cook in North America

  5. the way these chinese guys handle their food in this video is about the
    same as any other 5 class european restaurant. or even mcdonalds. or even
    my mom’s cooking.

    there really is no difference.

  6. That looks very unsanitary. Why are they hanging the meat? That’s how I
    hang my tools in a garage. 

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