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How can I make chinese restaurant style fried rice?

Question by : How can I make chinese restaurant style fried rice?
I’ve tried at least a dozen recipes from the internet but everyone of them calls for using eggs. Whenever I use the eggs I basically end up with rice and scrambled eggs. I don’t know about the chinese restaurants where other people go, but everyone I’ve been to doesn’t have these egg chunks in it. The rice is is really yellow also. All of my attempts to infiltrate my local chinese restaurant have failed so does anyone have any ideas?

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Answer by intheleast
I have no answer for you. I have tried several methods that are “supposed” to work. Saute the raw rice before you steam it. Take the steamed rice and fry it in sesame oil with some egg and chopped scallions.

Doesn’t matter how I do it, it never turns out the way it is in “good” Chinese restaurants. I don’t have a problem with the egg; just the consistency of the rice.

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  1. 1)The egg is cooked separately from the rice, it’s added in, not cooked with the rice.
    2) You can NOT duplicate restaurant rice without a wok, the intense heat makes the rice what it is
    3) You can get semi close using a smoking hot pan, putting in your cold oil then tossing the rice around in it.
    4) Use day old rice, not fresh rice

  2. Use rice from yesterday that has been chilled, toss with some soy sauce, whatever veggies and cooked egg. Already cooked egg, as in scrambled beforehand.

  3. one rinse your rice ….before you cook it..rinse it twice
    chop your veggies all the same size…or do those bags of frozen mixed veggies which is the lazy way out
    with the rice throw in chicken bullion as it cooks…the powder kind so you can sprinkle it everywhere
    take your egg or eggs and mix them with water mix them up
    fry it…chop it up as you do
    fry the veggies
    throw the egg that has been fried in with it
    throw the rice in on top
    mix it well i always use a wooden spoon
    i never use cold rice…it sucks ass
    i also use a rice cooker i bought in japan about 20 years ago..makes the best rice
    i use carrots scallions and eggs in my rice…the mixed veggies with corn and peas is not chinese..its phillipino rice

  4. Did you use overnight rice? Don’t use newly steam-cooked rice. This is the first prerequisite for fried rice.

    Eggs may or may not be an ingredient of the fried rice. You can use sausage or other vegetable dices. I like carrots, corns and peas.

  5. As a Chinese, I’d like to say it’s not the recipes but the rice and pan.

    To make real Chinese fried rice, you must use overnight rice, and Chinese iron pan, the round bottom, black pan.

    Well, you can do with other pans but the overnight rice is the most important. Your fried rice will be granular and that’s real Chinese fried rice.

    Don’t use new-made rice, you may probably get your rice bulked.

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