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How can you tell an authentic chinese restaurant?

Question by : How can you tell an authentic chinese restaurant?
I go to a Chinese restaurant called the Jade Express that is run by a Chinese family. So anyway all I have been eating is the shrimp fried rice so I want to try new things. I really want to eat the food that is served in China.

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Answer by jakesdad69
Ask a Chinaman. If he does not know, the resturants in your area must be “Americanized”

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  1. I think if half the waiters came from mainland China and the menus are in Chinese, you struck gold!

    Also make sure the manager is Chinese

  2. anything with the name “Express” prob. not authentic, hate to tell you that… maybe the family can really cook but i bet the menu is americanized.
    how do you tell if it’s a real authentic chinese restaurant? easy – if all patrons are chinese or asian, pretty good chance you are in an authentic chinese restaurant. lol

  3. hi edwardian princess! Why not ask the staff to prepare an authentic chinese meal for you? My parents (born and raised in China) owned and operated a Chinese restaurant for almost 40 years serving asians and non-asians alike. They were all too happy to make a dish that wasn’t on the menu for their customers. BTW.. fried rice is authentic. What you get at Jade Express might vary from the way they make it in the motherland, but they eat fried rice in China. Cheers!

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