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How do you feel about Chinese restaurants with no chopsticks?

Question by Swimmer S: How do you feel about Chinese restaurants with no chopsticks?
I understand that we are not in China, and that a lot of people don’t use chopsticks.

But some Chinese restaurants don’t even have chopsticks, not even if you ask for them. They’ll just tell you they don’t have them.

I’m not Asian, but I like eating with chopsticks at a Chinese or Japanese restaurant.

How do you feel about Asian restaurants with no chopsticks?

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I have never encountered that, but if I did, I would probably not go back. Part of the fun of eating ethnic or cultural food is to immerse yourself in the experience. For most Asian foods, that would be eating with chopsticks.

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8 thoughts on “How do you feel about Chinese restaurants with no chopsticks?”

  1. Well, I think they are doing themselves an injustice. When people dine on ethnic food they really want the full experience. How can you fully experience Chinese dining without chopsticks? Even if you don’t know how to use them it’s fun to try, it’s entertaining. Maybe it’s the cost that has led them to decide not to use something so authentic to their culture. But if that’s the case, not using them may actually cost them more in the long run as people may chose to go some other place that offers the full experience.

  2. I don’t care to use chopsticks so it doesn’t really matter to me. They should have them available to those who would prefer to use them though!

  3. Aw, I like eating with chopsticks too, so it makes me a little sad.
    Actually, not all Asian cultures regularly eat with chopsticks, so like at a Thai restaurant they’re out of place…though I still ask for them. They are fun to use.
    If it’s like a really cheap Chinese buffet, it’s kind of understandable, since they’re trying to appeal to a wider audience who aren’t comfortable or don’t want to use chopsticks. Plus, they have to order and pay for (disposable) chopsticks, while the silverware they have just has to be washed, and thus is cheaper, so it’s better for the restaurant.

  4. Well, if you stop and think it through, a Chinese restaurant that doesn’t offer chopsticks isn’t very ethnic to begin with, so I guess it’s OK in a place like that. Most Chinese restaurants have very little to do with China, so it’s not really a big insult or anything.

  5. It’s usually the cheap ones with lots of greasy food and MSG. So, in other words, I don’t think too highly of them.

  6. A huge part of me would be relieved, because I’m horrible at eating with chopsticks but feel like I have to when at a Chinese restaurant that has them. 😛 At the same time, though, I feel like it makes it more authentic and more like I’m eating at a place serving real Chinese food, rather than the Americanized versions.

  7. Definitely not an authentic flavor Chinese restaurant.
    Here is the reason: If it is authentic, then many Chinese would go, then they must have chopsticks since every Chinese customer would ask for it.

    I am a Chinese, I would feel very very uncomfortable not to use chopstick to eat Chines food.

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