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How do you make eating Chinese food special?

Question by Kevin: How do you make eating Chinese food special?
Takeout is simple, boring, what can you do to make it special, without going out to the store. What an you do for it to not be boring.

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Answer by Teen Mom
EaT it once a year

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6 thoughts on “How do you make eating Chinese food special?”

  1. You could force people into using chopsticks. Unless everyone at the meal is expert at it, it could make for an entertaining time. It’s a chance to learn something new, show off your skills, or learn to stab food. And the restaurant will give you tons if you ask without charge.

  2. Add in more vegetables. Use your own sauces vs their in house stuff(probably a lot fresher anyway). Other than that I dunno. I’d just rather make homemade Chinese. That would be worlds’ better than take out. Unless you’re going to high end-dine in Chinese restaurant. Then, get their lettuce wraps!

  3. set your table out like a proper chinese restaurant, serve the food in bowls, use chopsticks, have little chinese lanterns which you could probably get for like a dollar. also get some spicy sauces and put them in the centre (:
    hope i helped.

  4. Do a complete chinese theme, chopsticks and cutlery (chopsticks are a laugh). When buying/ making the Chinese try something you’ve never had before and be creative when cooking.

    I always try something new when getting a takeout, I feel it is good to experiment so you know what you like and dislike for the future.


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