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How is chinese restaurant food prepared?

Question by Matthew: How is chinese restaurant food prepared?
I was curious of how those standard chinese restaurants that carry the same stuff prepare there food. Do they actually cook it from scratch? Or like heat it up or something.

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Answer by i see dead squirrels
In a wok.

They have a number of standard sauces and then just mix the ingredients.

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  1. My dad has a Chinese restaurant when I was little. I was in the kitchen the whole time whenever a costumer orders they get every thing needed from a big fridge and got the needed sauces from a shelf then the cook it in a wok which looks like a really big metal pan thing lol easier if you just google it. Nothing is heated up from remains so all the food is fresh and whatever is not used ex: using half a chicken for a dish. Goes right to the fridge before the meal is cook. I’m not sure if all restaurants do that.

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