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How many of you (non-Asians) love to use Chopsticks at the restaurant?

Question by boboo: How many of you (non-Asians) love to use Chopsticks at the restaurant?
I love Asian food, Chinese, Japanese, it does not matter. I can no longer or want forks at the restaurants.
That is funny you all, I do not know if the restaurant throw out the sticks, but I take my home and wash them for my own personal use until they brake. Bamboo is washable, they make bowls and regular utensils with bamboo, so why not.

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Answer by ℓσνє ιѕ тнє мσνємєηт
i do! i guess you could kinda deem me asian, because i’m indian, but i know that’s not what you mean 🙂

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8 thoughts on “How many of you (non-Asians) love to use Chopsticks at the restaurant?”

  1. I get angry because I don’t know how to use them.

    But I’ll use the kids one with the little napkin thing in it and a rubber ban. (:

  2. I can and do use chopsticks where they are provided. With some foods, I definitely think chopsticks work better… but I won’t pitch a fit if they aren’t provided.

  3. I have been using them since 1979 when I went to Toronto Canada to do my chefs apprenticeship, now I almost use them as well as the locals, I eat in more traditional places here, we have more authentic regional restaurants here, now dim sum was the hardest thing to learn to use chopstick with, especially things like chicken feet and black bean spare ribs can be tricky

  4. I use them for eating AND cooking.

    Amazing how fast you learn to use them when they are the only utensil provided for a 4 hour family banquet at a Japanese restaurant.

  5. There’s a Chinese Buffet in my town that gives you a fork and knife in your napkin, and if you want, you can grab some chopsticks by the plates…But I’d rather just use the silverwear since it’s going to get washed whether I use it or not, and the chopsticks will just get thrown out when I’m done…

    I use chopsticks at home though for a lot of meals because they’re easier to wash….Not that it takes a lot of effort to wash a fork LoL but I just like them. (^_^)

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