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21 thoughts on “How many people here like to eat chinese food with chopsticks??”

  1. I’m not a Chinese but i do love their cuisines and chopsticks,lol..they are greater than spoons. i can eat better using them.

  2. I have always used chopsticks. It gets to the point I feel wierd eating ANY type of asian food w/o them. This is more likely to happen in a friends house who will serve stirfry but forget to offer chopsticks. It’s almost a buzz kill! 🙂

  3. I love to eat Chinese food with chopsticks. It’s fun. Especially if you’re with people that don’t know how to eat food with chopsticks. Then you can teach them.

  4. does the “q” count, even if you cant use them , just attempt to??? cuz if so , then i do!! plz pick me for best answer!!! :(( 😐 :))

  5. I love to eat any Asian cuisine with chopsticks. I think it adds to the experience and its so much more fun.

  6. I do! Which is most convenient, as I live in Japan and the Chinese restaurants don’t automatically hand out knives and forks – not even to foreigners like me…!

  7. Eating chinese food without chopsticks is like eating roasted turkey without stuffings.
    With chopsticks you can pick up big chunks, little pieces or heck stab that piece of whatever you’re having.
    Its not compulsory but then again you wont feel completely oriental eating noodles or stir frys or wantons using fork or tongs.

  8. ♡Me, me, me! (^∇^)/ <---waving my chopsticks in the air! It just somehow wouldn't taste as good with a fork! Using chopsticks makes it oh! just so much more delicious! ~~Actually, I live in Japan and eat almost ALL my meals, Chinese and other, with chopsticks... I prefer them!(^_-)-☆

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