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How Not to Eat Like an Ugly American

How Not to Eat Like an Ugly American
Moving on to Thailand, Ruggeri refers to Leela Punyaratabandhu, a food writer at who strongly advises that in Thailand it's simply not acceptable to use chopsticks at any rice-based meal. Punyaratabandhu calls it, "awkward, inconvenient …
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Holiday hints to feast on
Did you bring your bags? I'm a broken record of green reminders which I'm quite certain everyone around me appreciates. On a side note, great gift ideas this season are reusable travel chopsticks and foldable containers. With the holiday season shortly …
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Five Things to Do This Weekend
Why go: Enjoy a sample of popular Ty Ku products or buy a TyKu Black Bottle gift set that includes a bottle of TyKu Black, a sake glass and a pair of chopsticks for 18.99. The Ty Ku Black Label is a super premium Junmai Ginjo sake. MISSION OF DEEDS …


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