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If or when you eat at a Chinese restaurant, which foods do you eat with chopsticks?

Question by Tigger: If or when you eat at a Chinese restaurant, which foods do you eat with chopsticks?
Which foods do you eat with a fork?
And, heaven forbid, which ones do you eat with your fingers?

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Answer by Evil J
Everything that shouldn’t be eaten with fingers, or spoons. Never the fork.

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18 thoughts on “If or when you eat at a Chinese restaurant, which foods do you eat with chopsticks?”

  1. I eat almost everything with chopsticks except the soup for obvious reasons. The egg rolls and sometimes BBQ pork can be considered finger food. I don’t use a fork for anything when it comes to chinese food but if you are not skilled with chopsticks then use a fork for the rice.

  2. i eat chinese buns and spring roll type foods with my fingers, soup with spoon, rice with fork or spoon if its on a plate, and everything else with chopsticks

  3. I guess you’d eat spring rolls with your fingers – though my boyfriend and his friends (they’re Cantonese) tend to use their chopsticks for everything.

    For congee, liquidy desserts and soup, you should use your spoon, and if the soup has noodles or large chunks, use the chopsticks to put the food into the spoon.

  4. Everything. Even the soup. I carry a set of chopsticks with me, just in case (I have been known to stop at IHOP and eat my pancakes with Chopsticks.

    The hard food to eat is jell-o.

    And, the Chinese have finger food, also.

  5. Chopsticks are what they used before the fork was invented. The fork is much more efficient. I eat anything I want with my fingers. Why be uppity? After all, most “Chinese food” as we know it is actually an American innovation. Did you know that fortune cookies were invented in America, and in China, they are considered to be American food?

  6. I prefer to use chopsticks at the restaurant whenever possible. Fingers are only for egg rolls, crispy noodles, or other similar appetizers.

  7. I am LEARNING to use chopsticks. I have no idea how long that will take. Haha!!
    Fork is best when you don’t want to make people stare at you for making a mess. LOL

  8. Eat Chinese food with a spoon? Eta soup with a spoon?
    Rice falls through the fork and it is so hard to get all the rice with chopsticks?
    Egg rolls and dips are finger foods.

  9. All of them except soup for which I use a spoon. Even for some of the noodle or vegetable soups I use chopsticks for the solid stuff and drink the broth.

    The Muse

  10. Tried using those contraptions once. I failed miserably.

    I decided I wanted to eat my lunch or dinner – not work for it.

    Thanks for asking your Q! I enjoyed answering it!

    Ron Berue
    Yes, that is my real last name!

  11. I eat all of it with chopsticks, unless the rice is brown and non-sticky, in which case I would eat it with a fork. But if the rice is white and clumpy, I eat it with chopsticks. I only eat eggrolls/springrolls with my fingers.

  12. All chinese food – EXCEPT for liquid (eg soup) – can be eaten with chopsticks.
    Some people DO use spoon to eat rice with but NEVER knife and fork. And in Asia. we DO NOT put fork in our mouth. It is always the spoon.

    I have NEVER have to use fingers in any chinese restaurants.
    Forks? Chinese don’t use them although they will provide knives and fork for those who can’t use chopsticks.

    The whole idea of Chinese cuisine is that if the patrons have to “work” to eat – such as having to cut the food up, then the chef is not worth his salt.

    Hope this helps answer the question.

  13. Basically everything. Even soups. Drink from the bowl and shovel stuff into your mouth.

    If you’re with fancy people, then use a ceramic spoon (none of that metal crap).

    Oh, you can also eat buns with your hands.

    Never use a fork.

  14. Unless its soup or congee or anything liquid.. everything is eaten with chopsticks. Something such as mushu wraps you are allowed to use your fingers. I have a problem that I cannot use forks (because I use chopsticks so often) so I have to use chopsticks for everything..even salads and desserts.

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