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Is it common for people to order dim sum for takeout at a chinese restaurant?

Question by Kaytee Holt: Is it common for people to order dim sum for takeout at a chinese restaurant?
i want to order dim sum for take-out, but i don’t want to seem weird
thanks in advance for your help

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Answer by hehehehahaha
If its what you like, get it. The chinese waiters don’t care what you order.

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6 thoughts on “Is it common for people to order dim sum for takeout at a chinese restaurant?”

  1. It’s not common but it’s OK to do if you know what you like.
    Half of the enjoyment is looking at the carts as the waiters come by, trying to decipher what the food is (the servers are never able to adequately explain in English), and trying something new while your plates stack up.

  2. You can order anything you want. Take out is anything you want. I’ve never ordered takeout dim sum from a restaurant but I would have no problem doing so. The only reason why I haven’t is because I am surrounded by Dim Sum shops around where I live.

  3. It is very normal to order dim sum for takeout. I do that VERY often.

    I live in SoCal and dim sums are readily available around my area. If I wish, I could even eat dim sums for breakfast on a daily basis. But depending on where you live, dim sums might be a weekends only thing. Also, finding dim sums around dinner time won’t be easy. Chinese restaurants won’t make most dim sum dishes on demand because a lot of dim sum dishes required a long preparation and cooking time. Also, many Chinese restaurants doesn’t have dim sum chefs on location everyday; it takes special skills to make quite a few dim sum dishes.

    PS: I knew about this because I used to date a girl from Hong Kong and most of her relatives owned and operated a restaurant. 🙂
    PPS: It wouldn’t hurt to try though. I have successfully ordered dim sum dishes during “odd hours” before. 😀

  4. It’s very common for people to order dim sum at the front counter to take home. I do it all the time as do many Chinese people. It certainly beats having to wait to be seated during busy lunch hours.

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