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Ken Hom: how to use chopsticks

Watch personality chef and TV presenter Ken Hom educate you just how to utilize chopsticks. Sight this and also hundreds of other tasty Chinese dishes at http://realfood.t …
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16 thoughts on “Ken Hom: how to use chopsticks”

  1. Your method of holding the chopsticks is very different from most other
    instructional videos on the subject. I like your way.

  2. i love his conclusion. the best way to learn how to use chopsticks is to be
    hungry. try it. it totally works. when the body is fatigued or desperate it
    instinctively finds the quickest and easiest way. no, not a fork O_O

  3. in this day and age with the proliferation of information available, if you
    cant use chopsticks you are a deliberately ignorant chimp. yes america, im
    talking to you.

  4. best chopsticks video ever!!! got me using the chopsticks in less that
    2mins!!! not exaggerating i was able to finish my bowl of noodles using
    chopsticks after watching this!!

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