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Jenna Smith: Know the differences between rice
Most Chinese restaurants bring out long-grain rice as a side with your main dish. But since it's not very sticky, picking it up with chopsticks isn't easy! Basmati is a type of long-grain rice that's best used in Indian cuisine. Jasmine is also long …
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Girt: The unauthorised history of Australia
Australian ports served as a gateway for sailors and fortune-seekers from all corners of the globe, and the lure of riches or men with big sticks carried the Chinese and Kanaks to our shores. Australia was the place to be. Unless you were black. Or a …
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Chesapeake cook aims for veggie TV show
She grew up as an artsy kid who liked music and was always "fascinated about other cultures, foods and languages." Her family regularly dined at Chinese and Japanese restaurants, and Berger was using chopsticks by the time she was 10. Berger earned …
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Shanghai's best street foods and stalls
An officially recognised Chinese Time-Honored Brand, Da Hu Chun has been splattering grease since the 1930s and, nearly 80 years later, has six restaurants across Shanghai. The venue's chefs use the rare "clear water" technique, frying the pinched side …
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