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Love is…writing well about it

Love is…writing well about it
It's strong as well, and built on dialogue more than any of the rest. Zaidi has a good ear. Her sensibilities are overwhelmingly urban, and that's her strength. Urban, and upper-middle class: He knew… she struggled with a fish knife and couldn't use …
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Sharing your food photos? Make that dish look as good as it tastes
Cooks County restaurant pastry chef Roxana Jullapat uses honey from Silverlake in her dessert featuring honey melon sorbets and honey cake with figs. This dessert was shot on location at the restaurant. I found a spot on a table where a … Pork belly …
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One world, many cultures, one Rochester World Festival
Learn how to play cricket or use chopsticks. Make a maraca, miniature tee-pee, origami, or mask. Play a geography game. Have their names written in Chinese, Korean or Cambodian. Add to a large poster that will be painted during the festival. Children …
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