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Noodle Recipe ? Favorite Staple Food Among Filipino

Noodle Recipe ? Favorite Staple Food Among Filipino

Filipinos are known for their fondness with noodle recipe, their affection with the recipe was a result of Chinese influences.  In the Philippines there are lots of different variation of  cooking noodle, as environmental resources  always affect people for preparing their food.  As an example, people from Malabon are known for their version of Pansit known as Pancit Malabon which use  seafoods as their ingredient.  They usually include seafoods such as squid, clams or oyster and other seafood depending with  their catch on a particular day.

There are also some places in the Philippines  which are known for their tasty noodle recipe.  In Batangas particularly in Lipa City, a nearby province in Metro Manila are popular with their version of cooking Lomi recipe.   Lomi is a Filipino term for thick noodle.  I really love the taste of their  recipe as everytime that I have free time I always find a way to travel just to taste their delicious Lomi recipe. They usually used chicken, pork, and pork liver to enhance flavor and as what I have heard that their secret is within the noodles that they used as it is a homemade noodle.

Because of financial difficulty, instant noodle has become a favorite day to day food less fortunate Filipino, it is so affordable and flavorful as it become a regular food staple. But unfortunately instant noodle recipe does not have enough nutrients that our body require to achieve proper health condition, It only contains salt and carbohydrate which are not enough for daily dietary  requirement . I am so glad that a lots of instant noodle manufacturer has start to fortified their instant noodle with essential vitamins and mineral that makes it more nutritious.

For me, I always love to eat hot noodle soup, that’s the reason for my affection with Loming Batangas for having a thick tasty broth, but Batangas city is 2 ½ hours travel from our place as we lived in Nothern part of Metro Manila as I don’t have a lots of time travelling just to satisfy my crave with noodle soup.  I am so thankful that there is a lot of Mami house (Chicken or beef noodle with a soup) in Metro Manila, some are expensive but a lot of them are so affordable that an average Filipino can always afford.  Mami is always offered with Siopao or Siomai with hot chili sauce.

Now a days,  you could also seen  Japanese Ramen or Yakisoba and also Korean Noodle houses in the Philippines.  Their noodle are also offer in some reputable grocery store that only proves that even noodle is a Chinese food influence, it also become not just an staple food in our table but also in our culture.

Hello I am Daisy, I just want to share my blog about Filipino Recipe as Cooking is my passion, It include Sinigang  and Adobo which is my kids all time favorite.


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