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Orchestra swaps sheet music for the Galaxy Note 10.1

How to use chopsticks

Image by Frau Shizzle
Swap piece for the PQ food swap for RayR00. She loves asian food, so I used a disposable chopstick wrapper as base for the pattern. I love the cheaply printed illustrations on these wrappers and I think it’s a pity they usually get thrown away without a closer look.

It is slighlty larger then the original size of the wrapper because I couldn’t stitch as tiny and still make the letters readable. I also had to simplify the dragon and the phoenix a little. Still there are some of the tiniest stiches I ever made, I think.

Orchestra swaps sheet music for the Galaxy Note 10.1
Maybe they saw the new ipad mini commercial and decided they needed to do more than play chopsticks. Posted by … If we extrapolate that, you'd need to use your tablet for well over a decade (not gonna happen) to get an environmental benefit. Paper is …
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Making the most of a Hong Kong layover
Nelf chases down a cart while Barbara washes our teacups and chopsticks in a large bowl of tea, a cleaning custom that is as much about ritual as actual sanitation. “This place is old school,” says Nelf, who's returned with a couple of plates to get us …
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How family planning and sex education has evolved
"The Tanka [boat dwellers], who made up a large chunk of the population, regarded having another baby as nothing more than adding a pair of chopsticks [to the dinner table]. …. "Sperm concentration technology now allows us to use less to conceive …
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