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Q&A: Best method for using chopsticks properly for a beginner?

Question by Sonia: Best method for using chopsticks properly for a beginner?
Anyone know of an excellent video showing the best way to use chopsticks for beginners? I’ve seen a few but wasn’t too impressed. Thanks.

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Answer by Cece
You don’t need a video to teach you how to use the chopsticks. Just buy a pair of chopsticks and self trained . You can choose to use Either right or left hand. Most Chinese use right hand to hold the chopsticks. Hold your chopsticks between your thumb and index finger mid way of the chopstick and let the chopstick rest on the middle and ring finger and leave about 3 inches from the bottom tip of the chopstick. This is the ready position. To pick up food, the middle finger split open the chopsticks and the too part of the chopsticks can either cross one another or parallel to each other. The open or close of the chopstick is manuvred by the middle finger

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  1. Sonia.I can use chopsticks.My mother showed me but I cannot remember the how tos.Sorry.
    Have a great Day.Martin.

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