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Q&A: Chinese food, for someone that does not like it ,whats good to try?

Question by Quasi: Chinese food, for someone that does not like it ,whats good to try?
I really dont like it at all but willing to keep trying different items. I dont want anything with eggs mixed in,i dont like raw veggies,i love spicy foods..any ideas??
its not that i dont like veggies, its that i like them cooked well..chinese veggies are severely undercooked for me. The chicken tastes slimey,pork doesnt taste like pork..i dont like water chestnuts..

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Answer by cocoalatte2005
general tso’s chicken. it can be made spicy and it comes in this special sauce along with steamed broccoli with white rice or fried rice.

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  1. Lemon chicken
    (Eggplant Chinese style is usually spicy)
    Pepper steak
    Lo Mein (soft noodles with vegs or beef, chicken, shrimp, pork, etc.)

    Anything can be made spicy by request–and if you ever tried Chinese mustard–ouch, that burns.

    Usually there is a little mark next to all the really spicy items on the menu.

  2. chicken chow mein is great and any food that has chicken in it is cheaper than shrimp or other meats and healthier.eating spicy foods will make your stomach start having problems when you get older.if you like mexican food get any of the food on the menu. depending on where you live mexican food is really mexican american. the only realy mexican food can be purchased in mexico texas and oklahoma.

  3. add spices like black pepper’white pepper’green chilli’lemon jiuce and specially garlic and if u dont like raw veg then add well cooked veggies try now u will like chinese food.

  4. I am not a big Chinese food fan. I do love the sesame chicken and the sweet and sour chicken, also you should give their desserts a try, our local Chinese restaurant has these wonderful wraps that have a light and fluffy egg roll like wonton and they are filled with cream cheese, coconut and pineapple. Very good! And most Chinese restaurants have a salad bar or American Menu you would be surprised at how good the cheeseburgers and fries can be. So if you are going on a date, don’t be afraid to try a new restaurant.

  5. You like spicy, and don’t like eggs or raw vegetables. Most Chinese cuisines don’t use raw vegetables, but often serve them steamed or stir-fried. There’s a lot of Chinese dishes that you will like.

    * Kung Pao Chicken is usually lots of chicken in a spicy sauce, often with some green onions and peanuts. Kung Pao Shrimp can also be good.
    * General Tso’s Chicken is a double-fried spicy chicken
    * Mongolian Beef is spicy, sauteed beef with green onions
    * Orange chicken is tasty, and some places make it spicy
    * Hunan Beef (or Pork or Chicken) can be tasty and spicy.
    * BBQ Pork – usually not spicy, but the sauce is good.

    Most Chinese restaurants that cater to Americans tend to make meat and poultry dishes with very little vegetables, unless the dish has the vegetable in the title (ie Broccoli Beef). So if you’re not into veggies, you probably won’t get many. Plus you can always ask to spice things up or take out veggies.

    Grab a bowl of rice, get some chopsticks, and eat up!

  6. lo mein is good, they are just thin noodles and you can get some type of spicy meat on top, like chicken or pork.

  7. well tsoz chicken friend hates veggies too, nd she usualy gets the plain lo mein. u can order the lo mein to be super spicy (i always do! love spice)

  8. If you don’t like chinese, try once a vietnamese. Many think its same kitchen, but what a mistake. Vietnamese is lighter, and more refined.

  9. There are a lot of good authentic chinese spicy foods to eat. But it’s not easy to find, especially in your normal takeout. I know, I’m Chinese. Anything that’s like “Szechuan” style is spicy. Maybe kung-pow chicken or CHICKEN WITH GARLIC SAUCE for those takeout places.

  10. Why not try some Japanese dishes like Sukiaki. You can find different receipts using your computer Search for them. I don’t care much for the Chinese receipts myself because I hate Ginger which they use in almost anything. I believe you’ll love the taste of Japanese cooking.

  11. For Chinese, stick with the noodles and if you like those you can move on. You may want to go to a true Chinese restaurant and not a little take out grease pit. You may have a more pleasant experience but I can see why you may not like Chinese food. Chinese food is regional. You have Cantonese, Hunan, Szechwan, etc. Why not avoid Chinese food and try Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Cambodian, or something.

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