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Q&A: i want to learn to eat chinese food with chopsticks?

Question by Cyclops: i want to learn to eat chinese food with chopsticks?
i hav never in my life used can anyone tell me all about – how to eat ur chinese food with chopsticks + using the chinese bowls – (to transfer the food from the main plate)

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Answer by Chuck P
you hold one in your hand like a pencil and the other just rest along the fingers of the other so you can pinch the food between the 2, and for rice you just scoop it with the 2 together, you can make cheaters by putting a rubber band on the top of them with a small piece of paper in between to hold the open, they will look like a pair of tongs, god luck

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  1. The best way to learn is to get a pair of chopsticks the next time you go out to eat Asian food. Take them home with you and practice, practice, practice. Print off a copy of some instructions from the Internet if you need them, but the key, again, is to practice at home until you are confident enough to use them in a restaurant. This is how I learned, and I am very good at using them! You can check out the website listed in my sources for instructions. One last thing … the more you practice the easier it gets!

  2. I am glad you ask that question. I want to learn to eat with chopsticks, too. You got aa couple of really great answers. I can’t wait to start practicing.

  3. Great idea. It has to be fun. The answers given are about right. Practice is what really matters. If you need Internet reference this page has a great article:

    Not only does it gives you all directions, but also do’s and don’ts based on the chinese/ asian culture. Hope it helps!!

  4. most people think that you learn to use a chopstick by how you hold it. i disagree. you actually learn to use a chopstick when you understand how to pinch the food with the chopsticks.

    try this: make a DIY beginners chopstick set.

    keep folding a fat piece of tissue paper until it becomes a small cube about 2 x 2 x 2 cm. just wide enough to wedge between the top ends of the 2 chopsticks. tie a rubber band around the sticks and tissue.

    the two sticks should be on either side of the tissue cube, therefore separated by a gap.

    there you have it! hold the chopsticks slightly higher than the centre, and only a bit lower then the tissue. hold it like you would hold a pencil to write, with your thumb and index finger on either sides. (your thumb on one stick, and your finger on the other)

    the idea is to ‘pinch’ the food between the two sticks, using your fingers to press the sticks together. there you have it! you’re using a chopstick already.

    keep practising to balanc the chopsticks in your hands. it gets tricky at first. heck, i’m still sturggling with chopsticks after 20 years of using it, so no worries if you feel like a goof sometimes. we all do, beginner or no.

    i suggest you practice eating with non-staining foods first, or with an apron to reduce risk of dirtying your clothes. you can never be too careful when munching with chopsticks.

    enjoy and have fun!

  5. It’s interesting to learn to use chopsticks. I have been using it for more than 10 years. Just pretend you are holding pencils and hold them tight when picking up food.

  6. Best to buy a pair of plastic or wooden chopsticks to practice. Don’t start off with metal chopsticks. Written Instructions on how to hold them is difficult to picture. Real life practice is best.

    Look at this link below. The woman may have managed to pick up the food but the way she’s holding the chopsticks is completely wrong.

    You will definitely get better the more you practice.
    You will know you’re pretty good when you can pick up a SINGLE grain of rice between your chopsticks.
    It’s easy. Practice. Good luck.

  7. patience, practice, patience, practice,patience, practice,patience, practice this is what it takes I am afraid, buy yourself a set and practice at home that way you won’t embarrass yourself too much when you finally do go public

    good luck

  8. Yep…practice is what it’s all about. I used to eat everything using chopsticks: salad, spaghetti, you name it…! Now, I can go to a Chinese restaurant and use them without feeling completely silly!

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