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Q&A: where can i get hawaiian products?

Question by kmc87: where can i get hawaiian products?
I moved to NYC from hawaii a year and a half ago and lately ive been really craving my old favorites. Does anyone know where i can purchase poke or manapua in the NYC area?

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Answer by APAKA
If you can get some Ahi, try making your own poki.

1 lb. Ahi
chopped yellow onion
choppep green onion
course salt
sesame oil to taste
shoyu to taste

Better than nothing

For Manapua, try China town–Called Char Siu Bow

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  1. Amazing- with all the ethnic restaurants and food markets in the NYC area there seems to be no poke or manapua offered anywhere. The three “authentic” Hawaiian restaurants listed are not really Hawaiian food-more pacific rim fusion. I’ve listed recipes- you should be able to get your hands on the ingredients at least. Anyone interested in starting a new business in Gotham City might be smart to explore this under represented cuisine.

  2. No Hawaiian Food? What a bummer! At least I found an L&L and maybe some butterfish at Roy’s?

    L&L Hawaiian Barbecue
    64 Fulton St | Btwn Cliff & Gold St

    Roy’s New York
    130 Washington St | At Albany St

    For your Manapua go to a dim sum restaurant for dim sum bao or steamed pork buns. It looks like you may have to go to the fish market and make your own poke. Ask your friends or family back home to go to Star market and get you the poke kit (hanging in the fish section of the store) is a little packet with Hawaiian salt, seasoning and dried ogo. You just re-hydrate it and add to your fish.

    Oh wow! Look what I found..a Hawaiian Food Store on-line..they even sell poi!

    Happy Aloha Friday!
    Aloha from Maui.

    PS…found another one

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