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Recipe: Chinese Chicken Salad With Pasta

Chinese Chicken Salad With Pasta


3/4 pound Fettucine
12 oz Prepared chicken or smoked
4 Scallions; very finely cut.
2 tb Asian sesame oil – (to 3.
2 tb Rice vinegar – (to 3 tbspns).
2 ts Chinese chili paste with.
1/4 c Chunky peanut butter.
Salt; to taste.
Crushed red pepper; to taste.
Spinach leaves; as a bed for.
– salad.
2 Kirby cucumbers; peeled,.
as well as grated for garnish.
Cut peanuts and/or.
-cilantro lea; for garnish,.


Boil the pasta till al dente, about 10 minutes.
While the water is pertaining to a boil for the pasta as well as the pasta itself is.
food preparation, cut the hen into strips regarding 2 inches long as well as 1/4-inch broad.
In the bottom of a blending bowl incorporate the scallions, sesame oil, rice.
vinegar, chili paste and peanut butter. Whisk until smooth as well as period with.
salt and also crushed red pepper. Add more of any kind of active ingredient making it taste.
as you desire.
Include the chick. When the pasta is done, drain and rinse it under cold.
water to stop the cooking procedure as well as rub dry. Having the pasta to the bowl,.
toss the ingredients together as well as adjust the seasoning.
Transfer the salad to a platter lined with spinach leaves (dressed or.
not as you desire with a vinaigrette or favorite salad clothing). Garnish.
with cucumbers, peanuts or cilantro.


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