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Recipe: Chinese Pepper Steak2

Chinese Pepper Steak2


1 lb beef round steak; (as much as 1
-1/ 2.
— extra pounds).
2 tb veggie oil.
1 clove garlic;, diced.
1/2 ts salt.
1/4 ts pepper.
1/4 c soy sauce.
1 ts sugar.
1 c bean sprouts; fresh or.
– canned,.
— drained.
1 c canned tomatoes; reduce up.
2 md eco-friendly bell peppers; seeded.
– and also, cut.
— into strips.
1 tb cornstarch.
2 tb chilly water.
4 environment-friendly onions;, sliced.


Cut steak right into slim strips. In skillet or slow-cooking pot with.
browning unit, brownish steak in oil. Integrate with garlic, salt, pepper,.
soy sauce, and sugar in slow-cooking pot. Prepare on low 6 to 8 hrs.
Turn control to high. Include bean sprouts, tomatoes, as well as eco-friendly peppers.
Dissolve cornstarch in water. Mix into pot. Cover as well as prepare over.
15-20 minutes or up until thickened. Sprinkle with onions.


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