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Red in tooth and crab claw: Authentic Sichuan cuisine? In Manchester?

Red in tooth and crab claw: Authentic Sichuan cuisine? In Manchester?
And so Chinese food became one lumpen, soy-sauce-infused whole, rather than a scintillating mass of disparate cuisines. And what … But less than ideal in a Sichuan place, where every dish demands an army of clattering chopsticks. Chinese food is made …
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Made in China: One Briton's adventures in Beijing
Unable to speak a word of Chinese, visiting restaurants became like playing Russian roulette. I would point to something on the menu, and pray … She plucked the eye out with chopsticks and held it to my lips. At times like this, I would desperately …
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Introducing True ID Stories: The Things They Don't Prepare You For in Design
Nice enough guy but I couldn't stand him—he was the kind of guy who said accidentally racist or idiotic things, like the time the office ordered Chinese takeout and I started eating it with the provided chopsticks. (I'm Asian-American.) JD commented …
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