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The Art of Dim Sum

A short documentary on well-liked dim sum eatery, Sam Hai Yat, and the unique craft of making these little bundles of joy. Shot in Hong Kong, May 2012 by …

25 thoughts on “The Art of Dim Sum”

  1. 1 more thing. He doesn’t needs any so called fakes michellin food fuckers 2
    taste. Just order, eat n pay. 

  2. A simple n humble father figure. Fast food corporate fuckers should follow
    him, a simple n humble lifestyle without much wealth. 

  3. “沒有新人入行年紀大的做做下唔做。試做d想話給人聽都冇人學。”
    I left the corporate world after working in banking and NGO at the age of
    28. I have begun my journey to become a Dim Sum chef, partly to continue
    the culinary tradition of Hong Kong. This video is very touching. 

  4. Hi Lareina, I was touched by the words of “Sifus” My father is chinese
    and he passed away last monday. I want to learn! I don´t want to see die
    this culinary treasure of China ever. I am a guy 50% chinese and 50%
    Venezuelan. Living in Venezuela but I would like to learn chinese and the
    marvellous art of Dim Sum. Thank you! I want to know his email adress or
    one of his family. If there are a possibilities to get lessons, then I will
    be there.

  5. This is so beautifully filmed. I wish more documentaries had this much
    respect for their topic. Thank you for posting.

  6. Lareina Choong, I would like to get in contact with the Sifu in this video.
    I would like to learn from him. I am New Zealand Chinese.

  7. I love dim sum. Whenever I visit my brother in Hong Kong, I fill up my
    stomach with dim sum everywhere I go.

  8. What a great video. Thanks for this. But so sad at the end about people not
    wanting to enter the trade! Any updates?

  9. Awwwwwwwwwww God bless him and his family. He is a good father for his
    children as well as a good husband for his wife. He really did a great job
    not only for his family but also for the customers. May God give you long
    life and happy family…… God bless…… Thanks so much for sharing this
    video……….. Its really encouraged a lot…….

  10. Watching the video made me realize how much skill and artistry it requires
    for Chinese food to be cooked. Simply amazing. 

  11. Needs lots of experience to make dim sum. Over 25 years of experience!
    My God. I will visit this store for sure. My brother lives not far from
    Pokfulam Road. When I visit my brother I will visit this store. Do you
    have my favourite Cheung Fan ???

  12. It would be sad to lose dim sum culture, maybe if more dim sum restaurants
    would open in the west, we could enjoy dim sum, beacause it is chinese

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