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45 thoughts on “The Biggest Chinese Restaurant in the World Episode 1 -世界最大的中国餐馆1”

  1. Killing a duck is no worse than vivisectioning a snake, spitting a fish, or
    chopping up defenseless lettuce and spinach.

  2. 1,要查老板背景。当时拿地肯定有问题。2,中国人真的很勤劳这点毋庸置疑,老板都这么有激情。3,一直认为餐饮是一门艺术。中国的餐饮从业人员综合素质太差。比如这个老板。透着市井大妈的气质,如果做出上档次的菜?再说批量生产本身就会毁了美食。

  3. I am not a vegetarian, but I prefer my meat to have been killed with as
    little stress and pain as possible.

  4. What they did to the ducks and fish is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE, INHUMANE AND
    SENSELESS. Remember the Degree of Civilisation lies in the way we treat
    those who are totally at our mercy!!! Therefore, SHAME on you cos you are

  5. Have you ever heard of the TURO-TURO RESTAURANT in the Phlippines? it is
    maybe the biggest restaurant in the world, spread out in 7,200 islands from
    Aparri to Sulu!

  6. to showcase and display the Chinese culture and tradition they said?
    Bullshit. All i see is a restaurant based off the Qing dynasty era. Is this
    all the local Chinese recognize as their culture/history nowadays? Mind as
    well call this the Qing dynasty theme restaurant.

  7. i hate to say but i do not see the soul of a name-brand dining place here.
    the workers do not look happy or passion when servicing. they are all
    machine. i can not even see smiling faces of dancers. this restaurant may
    be making a huge profit, but i will not surprised if the dishes are warm,
    not hot when they reach customers’ table and that is a “no, no” for chinese
    food. i agree the title, the biggest chinese restaurant. personal view: it
    is not a great restaurant and nowhere near.

  8. is frying an alive vs dead animal has no difference to u?no one asking for
    no meat,just a humanely killed’s sad in some chinese culture some
    believe tortured animals made better eating. barbaric as fuck

  9. Too bad the Chinese Communist Party destroyed all of those cultural
    heritage sites during the cultural revolution. It certainly is a bitch
    trying to recreate and hold on to the past. I am waiting for something new
    out of these people rather than the same old boring architecture out of the
    Qing, Ming or Tang dynasty i.e. modernization of China shouldn’t be
    confined to a few coastal cities reserved for the new elite.

  10. thats what happens when all the chinese restaurants in north america are
    serving the same menu. The real chinese food is still in China.

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